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In The Frame: Lizette Carrasco

In The Frame: Lizette Carrasco



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Hello, my name is Lizette Carrasco, and I am from Los Angeles, California. I grew up in the city of El Sereno. I am recent sociology graduate from California State University Los Angeles. A little bit about myself is, I started photographing at the age of 17 and now at 31 years old, photography has completely changed my life. Through academia and photography, I found the true significance of my art. I learned the importance of documentation. I took a break from photography to focus on my education but now that I am official a college graduate I can get back into photographing my city and the people I love!

My favorite part of film photography is the intimacy of creating an image. Shooting with film, there is a calculation as you do not want to waste a shot.

I shoot with a variety of film cameras. The first camera I ever owned was a Canon Rebel G with a 35mm-80mm lens and is my go-to film camera. The next camera I purchased was the Canonet Ql17 GII with a 40mm lens. This rangefinder is a complete game charger! It is one the sharpest film cameras I have ever shot with. I primarily shoot with 35mm cameras, but a future goal of mine is to upgrade to medium format. My love for photography began when my sister Sylvia who introduced me to the subject. I started taking courses in high school and throughout college. It has been 14 years of ups and downs with photography, but I learned a lot of who I am and what I plan to represent with each shot I produce. My preference to shoot with is Ilford Hp5, Kodak Tri-x and Kodak Portra.

The images that I submitted are photographs that symbolize Los Angeles I was born and raised in. I grew up around graffiti and the LA skyline. It’s important to me to continuously photograph my city and its people with its constant changes due to gentrification. Each photograph is a staple of who I am as a photographer.

Announcement: PhotoMemo Film Photographer's Notebook Price Increase

Announcement: PhotoMemo Film Photographer's Notebook Price Increase

Effective May 1st, the MSRP of the PhotoMemo Film Photographer's Notebook 2-Pack will increase to $11.99.

Introduced in 2016 at $9.99, manufacturing and material costs have risen sharply in the last two years. The increase allows me to maintain the quality of materials and construction.

PhotoMemo remains the best value and most versatile notebook designed for film photographers who want a notebook not only to keep track of their exposures, but also other notes, lists, and sketches.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mike Padua

See the PhotoMemo product page here.

See the detailed PhotoMemo FAQ here.

See customer photos of PhotoMemo here.

Mid-Spring Surprise! New Strap Colors

shootfilmco camera strap vegan, no leather


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I'm excited to announce today three new strap colors! Banana, Teal, and Electric Pink...oh, and BLACK is back in stock!

The ShootFilmCo Strap for Cameras is manufactured using a highly durable coated webbing similar in feel and flexibility to leather, but uses no animal products. It features a patterned, matte textured surface with the perfect amount of grip but still smooth enough to glide over fabric and skin while carrying and maneuvering your camera.

It does not wear, stain, fade, or dry like leather. It is non-porous, weather proof, and can be cleaned with soap and water.

The two available lengths are 36 inches, suitable for a neck carry, and 47 inches, suitable for a lower torso neck carry or cross-body carry.

All components were manufactured in the USA, include solid brass hardware, and hand assembled in Vallejo, California.




Also, the ever-popular PhotoMemo notebooks are back in stock!


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