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Black Friday Deals for Film, Lenses, Cameras, and More

Black Friday Deals for Film, Lenses, Cameras, and More

black friday shootfilmco

Here's a list of the Black Friday deals we've found on film and film-related stuff.

Have a deal to report?

Photo Warehouse - 10% off everything at Photo Warehouse--seller of what is arguably the best value black & white film today: Ultrafine Xtreme. Use code TENOFF at checkout. Expires December 2. Shop Photo Warehouse.

Lomography - Lenses, cameras, and accessories on sale at Lomography. Big assortment of different stuff here. Shop Lomography.

Galaxy Camera - this is a sale at their physical location in downtown Ottawa. Pay no tax on Fujifilm, Kodak, Ilford, Rollei, Agfa, Lomography 35mm, 110, 120, 4x5, 8x10 film, Ilford photographic paper, Kodak, Cinestill, Ilford chemistry, Lowepro, Tamrac camera bags, Manfrotto, Slik and Optex tripods.

Analogue Wonderland - Black Friday Mystery Box! 5 rolls of 35mm film
a premium film-related sticker. The 5 rolls will be a variety of colour and B&W; fresh and expired; creative and traditional; a mix of different brands - and will be guaranteed to give you plenty of opportunities to create amazing photographs! This year they have diversified the possible options so no two mystery boxes will be exactly the same. Shop Analogue Wonderland. Paul, Mary and the gang are fine folks, and have really started this store with a bang. Really proud to call these guys allies in this film thing!

Film Photography Project - 10% off storewide, use code "film friday" (editor's note: not sure if the code supposed to be all one word or two--this is the spelling that was given to me in a promo email, so try both to see which one works). FPP is one of the reigning champs of the film game in the USA - long running podcast and film shop who definitely carry the banner for us film shooters. Shop FPP here.

ShootFilmCo - Of course we have a deal going on. 25% off everything (except zines--I want to pay these creators every cent they earn, they deserve it). Use code "BF19BLOG" at checkout. Ends December 2. Shop ShootFilmCo.

Solarcan - all orders will be DOUBLED: buy 1 Solarcan, receive 2. Buy 100, get 200. No upper limit. Solarcan is a unique camera designed to produce extreme time exposures that capture the Sun’s path across the sky. Shop Solarcan now.

Kodak - Kodak has a bunch of deals on accessories and apparel in their shop. Shop Kodak. - KEH is one of the most reputable and well-stocked retailers of used film photography equipment. They have really high condition rating standards and offer great warranties. They're offering 15% off sitewide and 30% off accessories with code "BFSALE2019". Shop KEH. - Kamerastore is the largest supplier of used film cameras in Europe, with over 53 000 sales to over 10 000 customers and an average of 5 000 items in stock. They have a big list of deals going on not just for Friday, but for the whole week. Shop

As Seen on Ebay: Kodak Vison 250D - JUMP ON THIS DEAL!

As Seen on Ebay: Kodak Vison 250D - JUMP ON THIS DEAL!

two OPENED 400ft cans of kodak vision 250d motion picture film

Found on ebay:

Presented for your approval: Two OPENED 400ft cans of Kodak Vision 250d. This is a deal to jump on...if you want to practice bulk loading with exposed film or you want the cans as props.

The listing states: "Condition is Used. Both have been opened but doesn’t appear to have much film used if any. Estate find."

Ultimate Zine/Print/Art Buying Guide: 2019

Ultimate Zine/Print/Art Buying Guide: 2019

This holiday season (hell, year-round, even), please take a look at these independent artists and consider supporting, sharing, and buying their art!

This is a community-based effort, and works best if as many people as possible see it, so PLEASE SHARE!



Chris CGphotog at ShootFilmCo

Chris CGphotog

I sell scenic prints from my travels. The images tend to be a bit of a darker style.

To buy prints they can go to my website and select all images and then there is a link that is labeled scenic images for purchase.

William Hopkins at ShootFilmCo

William Hopkins

I made a zine of 110-format photos! I took the photos early in my photographic career, as I was trying to find a sense of place while traveling and moving within the US. I used a Kodak Tele-Instamatic 608 and Lomography 110 film.

To buy:

Ed Worthington

Ed Worthington

Three current zines; One of the last five years of my street photography and two showcasing images I have made in Italy over the last few years of travel.

To buy: OR Etsy store

Michael Thorn at ShootFilmCo

Michael Thorn

I'm a music photographer based in Richmond. I make prints and zines and postcards and posters and the like. is my store and I updated it regularly as things become available
Stephanie Rosie at ShootFilmco

Stephanie Rosie

Fine art prints of travel, National Parks, and every day life.
To buy: Email or DM via Instagram
Anne Hollond at ShootFilmco

Anne Hollond
Instant film photo zines (polaroid, instax, pack film), handmade in a traditional photocopy folded single sheet style:
1. Gas and Graffiti
2. Bluedoir
3. Kansas Highway 32
4. Out in the Barn
5. Just 5 Things
6. Pieces of Me
To buy, DM on Instagram or email (Payment can be made through PayPal or Venmo.) Details about each zine can be found in IG posts. Zines are available individually or as a set.
Tim Dobbs on

Tim Dobbs

I have some zines including my new one Abandoned, Lost or Broken, also all my images are available as prints.
Best way to buy is DM on twitter or just email me:
Joey Carter / ShootFilmCo

Joey Carter

Inkjet film photography prints, printed by me, at home, in Nebraska.

I shoot with a wide variety of cameras and film stocks but I'm always documenting unique angles of life in an attempt to inspire others.

Anybody interested in buying a print can visit my instagram account and message me directly from there, or email me.

Steven Lawson

"Margins," A5 32-page silk-finish black and white photography zine

To Buy, DM on Twitter

 Johannes Dachsel  Instagram  Website  “A City By The Sea” features 31 photographs taken over the course of three days in the seaside town of Brighton (England) in September 2018. All photographs were taken using a Canonet QL17 GIII rangefinder camera from the 1970s.  To buy: Please send an e-mail to or contact me on Instagram. For more informatione head over to

Johannes Dachsel



“A City By The Sea” features 31 photographs taken over the course of three days in the seaside town of Brighton (England) in September 2018. All photographs were taken using a Canonet QL17 GIII rangefinder camera from the 1970s.

To buy: Please send an e-mail to or contact me on Instagram. For more informatione head over to

Colton Bills

I sell xeroxed black and white zines featuring photos I have shot on film. I also offer inkjet prints of my black and white photos

To purchase send an email to
Message me on Instagram

Matthew Michael

Matthew Michael

I am selling prints as requested, but I am working on a zine at the moment and that will be up and running soon! For now, only prints of my work.

Dm directly, I’m a small indie photographer. Dm my Instagram account and I can send you a zine!

Matt Hurst / ShootFilmCo

Matt Hurst, "SEDAN"

SEDAN zine collects the work of 31 film photographers from all over the globe and features their photographs of 80's and 90's boxy 4 door cars. 36 pages, full color and printed on heavyweight matte paper.

Go to - zine is $15 plus $2 shipping in the USA, $3 to Canada, and $5 to the rest of the world.

Cendrine Marrouat
I have released three photography books ("Life Little Things" / "When the Mind Travels") and a 2020-2021 calendar over the last few years. They are available in print and as digital copies. Visit and click on the project you want more information about.

George Quiroga
I offer a series of photography based books available through The Undersea Circus is a book of underwater images of anemone fish captured on 35mm Ektachrome E100VS film using a Canon Rebel 2000 camera in an underwater housing.
To buy:

Dan Bassini

No Invite is a zine series focused on capturing Fashion Week by any means necessary. Shot entirely on 35mm compact cameras, No Invite is a unique look into the fashion world, even when your name isn’t on the guest list.

To buy:

Sherry Christensen

The Road Less Travelled - is a 8.5x11 inch zine that includes a 8x10 print suitable for framing. All of the photos are taken on the backroads in Alberta Canada on a variety of film and digital. Take a trip on the road less travelled...
To buy:

Edward Conde

Layover is a collection of images taken during my 7hr layover in Europe. As I went through the terminals with music in my ears, a pocket full of film and my camera around my neck, I silently captured the loneliness of my layover.
Layover can be purchased through MagCloud at Printed and PDF formats available.

Neil Piper

I sell an assortment of zines, silver gelatine prints, Cyanotype and Vandyke prints.
My Etsy store can be found at

Jaya Bhat

A zine of photographs taken in San Francisco and New York. The photos are the result of several years of aimless wandering in those cities looking for anything that catches my. Those photographs are paired up and presented in this zine.

Brett Walker
StreetMounts! Artist Proofs of my photographs, mounted to bamboo and encased in Oak trim. Unlike my limited edition gallery prints, Streetmounts are ready to hang with a complimentary french cleat pre installed on the back of each piece.
To buy, go to: Please send email inquiry if looking for one of my pictures not yet listed on the store.
Tom Benjamin - ShootFilmCo

Tom Benjamin

I sell prints and zines of my photographs. My first zine BRUTAL features images of The Tricorn taken on film in 2004, shortly before the building was demolished. My latest zine OFFBEAT from Beijing is now available for preorder.

To buy, visit

Conspiracy of Cartographers - shootfilmco

Eric J

Conspiracy of Cartographers zine is six issues big, featuring various emulsions shot on various cameras from 35mm to 4x5. Mostly travel and landscape, abandoned farmsteads and dirt roads. Sliding scale prices. Extra stuff with every order.

To buy, go to

Disneyland on Film

Michael Vega

Prints of film photographs which I have taken at Disneyland theme parks using various vintage cameras. All prints matted and ready to frame.

To buy:



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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Film Photographers - UPDATED FOR 2019

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Film Photographers - UPDATED FOR 2019

Updated for 2019

***This list is still growing and constantly evolving, so bookmark it and keep checking back for new ideas and discounts.

Struggling for gift ideas for the film photographer in your life? Need some ideas for some new film photography goodies for yourself? You're in luck, once again I've compiled some choice goods from the film photography world!

Generally, items are sorted from least to most expensive, to help you stay within a budget. Let's get started!

FILM: The most important thing (price range: $4 to $15/per roll) 

ShootFilmCo Ultimate Gift Guide for Film Photographers

For a film photographer, you can't go wrong with film as a gift! Just in the last few years, there have been an influx of new films that have hit the market from various companies, such as black and white offerings from Japan Camera Hunter, Kosmo Foto, and Bergger, and Lomography's many creative color options. Luckily, many of these options can be purchased at some great online retailers that specialize in film.

In the USA, check out the Film Photography Project

In the UK/EU, check out Analogue Wonderland

Japan Camera Hunter Film Cases

Japan Camera Hunter Film Cases on ShootFilmCo

The famous JCH film cases.

The cases do exactly what they say, hold films. Each case holds ten films and is made from tough plastic to keep the weather out and your films safe. Made from tough hi grade plastic.

Buy JCH film cases here.

PhotoMemo Film Photographer's Notebook - starting at $4.99 USD)

PhotoMemo by ShootFilmCo

The PhotoMemo is a notebook designed for film photographers, by a film photographer. Disclaimer--the designer behind these notebooks is me and this is an item that I sell here at ShootFilmCo! It is by far the most popular item I sell. Great stocking stuffer for those who love the analog experience.

Buy PhotoMemo here.

CineStill DF96 Monobath Single-Step Film Developer

CineStill's DF96 Monobath is a single solution, single step film developer, making home film development of all black and white films easier than ever. It's available in both powder and liquid forms. Buy DF96 Monobath here.

CineStill DF96 Monobath / ShootFilmCo

Kosmo Foto Kosmik Film Box (price range: $35)

Kosmo Foto Kosmik Film Box Featured on ShootFilmCo

Luxury designer film box featuring art inspired by the Kosmo Foto Mono film packaging.

Comes complete with four (4) rolls of Kosmo Foto Mono 100-ISO black-and-white film.

The perfect Christmas gift for film photographers.

Buy the Kosmik Film Box here.

Solar Can - Long Exposure Solargraphic Camera In a CAN! (price range starting at $20 USD).

Solar Can at ShootFilmCo

If you're looking for something fun and unique, this might be the thing for you. Solar Can is literally a camera in a can. Designed for very-long-exposure solargraphy--taking long exposures of the sun's trail.

Buy it here.

Beers & Cameras X ShootFilmCo Lapel Pin

Beers & Cameras X ShootFilmCo

When passions collide! The gang at Beers & Cameras have been hosting events for photographers at breweries, and with chapters sprouting up across the world, we had to collab on something cool, and this pin is the result. Coming in two different colors, you can buy them from Beers and Cameras here.

Polaroid Originals Instant Film and Cameras - starting at $16.99 USD

Instant film for your new and vintage Polaroid cameras. Instant photos are especially fun during the holidays when you're with friends and family.

Polaroid Originals on ShootFilmCo

Precision Screwdriver Kit

If you’ve noticed your film-shooting loved one is always buying, taking apart, tinkering with, and fixing old cameras, then this is the perfect inexpensive gift. Precision screwdrivers are a necessity for taking apart cameras and the many other things that need repairing and tinkering around the house. Many sets can be had for only a few dollars, but those are usually of low quality and break or wear down quickly. This set is high quality, yet still very economical, and sure to last much longer than cheaper sets.

Consider this a personal recommendation: I’ve been using my set for years now!

Buy it here.

Cool Film Club Film Subscription Service

Cool Film Club / ShootFilmCo

A gift that keeps on giving: Cool Film Club offers two mystery rolls of film, delivered to your doorstep, every month. Delivery is available Worldwide. Go here for more information and to subscribe.

Negative Supply Film Carrier MK1

Negative Supply / ShootFilmCo

Negative Supply's first product, the Film Carrier MK1 (pictured here is the Pro Riser and Film Carrier kit), allows you to digitize a whole strip of film using your digital camera and a macro lens in as little as 5 minutes with tools you likely already have. It features a knob-controlled feed mechanism and is easier to control and feed than the terrible film carriers (let's be honest here) that come default with most flatbed scanners. To really get a feel for the Film Carrier's workflow, Matt Day made a video about it that you should definitely check out. Definitely a "you gotta see it in action" piece of gear. Shop Negative Supply here.

ONDU - Handmade Wooden Pinhole Camera (price range: $150 to $300)

Ondu Pinhole Camera - ShootFilmco Ultimate Gift Guide for Film Photographers

"ONDU is a family of creators making photographic instruments from premium natural materials at our workshop on the sunny side of Alps, Slovenia. We believe that there is a future in products that are made to last a lifetime. With the advent of cheap replaceable goods there's not much real craftsmanship around these days. A product made by hands has a special kind of feel to it, combine that with natural materials you will surely feel all the thought and work that has gone into each and every ONDU camera." Shop ONDU here.

Lomography LomoMod - DIY Camera with Liquid Filled Lens (price range: $59 to $207, depending on kit)

A flat-packed, customizable medium-format cardboard camera to build from the bottom up, plus a lens you can fill with liquid alongside a shutter; aperture module for endless experimentation - let your creative spirit run wild! Shipping now in Hong Kong, Europe & Japan, or early November in the USA. Buy it from Lomography here.

Lab-Box Daylight Developing Tank by Ars-Imago

LAB-BOX is a multi-format tank that allows to develop film from start to end, in full day light, bypassing the need to load the rolls in the dark. Thanks to the two interchangeable modules and its multi-format reel, the tank can be used for both 135mm and 120mm. Buy Labo-Box here.

ars imago lab-box / shootfilmco


Together Forever: The Run-DMC and Beastie Boys Photographs by Glen E. Friedman

A photographer I've looked up to for literally decades cracked open the archives to put together a collection of two of the most influential acts in hip hop history:

Glen E. Friedman / ShootFilmCo

Mary Ellen Mark: On the Portrait and the Moment

A recommendation from Matt Day: "This has been one of the most insightful books I've ever owned."

Prologue: Hong Kong Street by Menos 

Recommended by Take Kayo of BigHeadTaco: Prologue features work from 11 members of the group from Hong Kong, and is the first publication by the organization.

Prologue: Hong Kong Street by Menos

Buy Prologue: Hong Kong Street here.


"Analog Forever Magazine is an online and print publisher of contemporary analog photography. Our mission is simple: we want to provide a global audience to photographers who use analog processes and techniques for their photographic work by giving them a voice via a biannual print photography journal, online features and interviews, monthly online exhibitions, and a community calendar. Our goal is to highlight the best of the best from the analog industry including artists, projects, galleries, and curators." Buy it here.

Analog Forever Magazine / ShootFilmCo


Photoklassik International

Photoklassik International is a new print magazine, published quarterly and shipping internationally all about analog photography. Buy it here.

Photoklassik International / ShootFilmCo

Chroma 4x5 Large Format Camera

Chroma Camera / ShootFilmCo

Chroma is a brand new large format technical field camera, assembled from laser cut acrylic and available in a selection of colors to suit your own personal style. NOTE: Chroma cameras are made to order and current wait time as of this writing is 12-14 weeks, so your gift recipient likely wont' receive their Chroma until after the holidays. Shop Chroma here.

Jobo CPP-3 Film Processing Machine

Jobo CPP-3

Okay, we might be getting to the high end of the budget range here, but one of the ultimate gifts you can give a film photographer is the ability to process their own film. YES--there are many less expensive alternatives, but I figured it would be fun to share something on the high end: the Job CPP-3.

The Jobo CPP-3 Processor offers repeatable, high quality film processing, using the tried and tested technology of rotary processing, including automatic agitation, automatic temperature control, one shot processing and processing time control.

Buy it here: