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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Classic! Love!!!

Still hasn’t arrived

I would love to have been able to review this and the other stuff I bought, and I am sure it’s great, but now, almost 3 weeks after placing the order, it is still at some USPS location in California. It will probably arrive here in Denmark around Christmas then... just to clarify, I am not blaming you, I am just not very impressed with USPS’ performance.

Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it. The reality with USPS and carriers around the world right now is that they are facing major delays due to staffing and logistics issues because of COVID-19. I do try to use the most economic shipping methods available (many carriers' rates to ship an item are more expensive than the items themselves). Your particular item will be handed off to your local post service to complete the final delivery, but rest assured, it's on the way!


A perfectly designed parody logo, with top-quality execution.

Gary De La Rosa
Mark is right

I agree with Mark...thought of Black Flag as soon as I spied this pin. Too good to pass up as I also am of the camera and punk combo, and was not disappointed once it arrived...looks great on my camera bag now next to the Specials pin I picked up this weekend past at the Novo...

Fun for an old punk rocker

My concert going days may be over but this old punk rocker still loves the music and B&W film. This high quality pin adorns my camera bag. The double pins really hold it in place whether I'm out shooting B&W film, hiking, or banging my head to my old punk CDs. This one is a lot of fun.