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Customer Reviews

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These are a few of my favorite things on one pin! Instant love!! Nice tactile feel with this pin as well.

beer pin me the coffee pin a while back so i had to get this one as well. love the quality of the pins that you can get here. coming from Germany, it only took 2-3 weeks shipping (depends on customs of course).

peace out to the one man army and nuggets!

beer and film

...did it me this one and i like it!
Beer and film...just had to get me one and the quality is dope.

coming from Germany, the order takes about 2-3 weeks tops (depends on customs). Not the first time i´ve purchased items and certainly not my last time.

Also wenn du von Schland bist dann kann ich nur sagen, dass die Bestellung sehr schnell angekommen ist. Warte ca. 2-3Wochen (kommt auf dem Zoll an) und ich habe hier schon öfters bestellt und bin immer zufrieden gewesen. Die Sachen sind sehr hochwertig gemacht.
Einfach geil das es sowas gibt....

peace out from Germany

Rob Laubscher
At the end of the day

Of course I have to get this one to signify a fine day of working out ideas and to hopefully get some really good prints in the end run.