This holiday season (hell, year-round, even), please take a look at these independent artists and consider supporting, sharing, and buying their art!

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Douglas Fur - Disparate Cover

Douglas Fur


I am selling a zine of a current virtual gallery I'm hosting called Disparate: works in progress. It includes all 34 analog images from the gallery a mixture of color and black and white. Each is also available as a limited edition print.

To purchase the Zine visit:

Prints are available at:

 Jerrika Lindsey ShootFilmCo

Jerrika Lindsey

Film prints for sale. Can be purchased through my webstore,


Jaclyn Snook

Jaclyn Snook

This is a collection of about 40 prints of 35mm photographs. Each photograph has been taken during my travels alone throughout the years where I found comfort in the strange, silly, secretly beautiful.

Prints available at:


 -your friend from college .

-your friend from college .

an all women's collaborative zine and artist store front created in early 2020 by kate k. pannozzo and friends. -your friend from college stemmed out of the need and want to create all while sharing it with the world.


Wuthipol Ujathammarat

Title: Gloom Surface

This is a handmade photography zine that displays a series of semi-abstract photographs from his impromptu travel through neighbourhoods of Tokyo, in a work that strangely inspired by a typical Japanese summer gloom.

To buy: via Etsy, but buyers should DM me first to check the shipping option if it’s available for their locations due to pandemic in some countries.


Timothy Ditzler

This is my 3rd zine “MARE SERENITATIS”
It’s about coming out of the ICU and being thrown right into quarantine and the anxiety that came along with it.

To order: You can order it through blurb!


adrian skenderovic

adrian skenderovic

MVMMIES is a self-published zine limited to 100 numbered copies.

To buy:
shop on my website

Nathan Hirschler

Nathan Hirschler

Chilpaco zine. A 48 page perfect bound book containing 30 color images of the iconic smokestack in Chillicothe, OH.

To buy:


Bertus Gerssen


Bertus Gerssen

Facebook: Den Haag Underground

A self published, self Riso-printed zine (180pp) in an edition of 300 on the Underground Music scene of The Hague, Netherlands (2014-2017)

To buy:

devon adams at shootiflmco

Devon Adams

Analog Photo Zine based on a week's journey from Arizona to Pennsylvania upon the news of my mother's death. Shot on a Contax G1 with Cinestill 800t film. SPECS: Size: 6" x 8.25" 28p // Staple portrait binding // 100lb. Satin Pages & Cover

To buy:

brandon taylor

Brandon Taylor

Hardcover, 290 Page Photo Book, shot on 35mm film.

During my time in college I lived on a floor called Men of Honor. There were many crazy things that happened on the floor, so I started to document it with my 35mm film camera.

To buy:

Andrew Jones

IG: shrk_bait


a zine featuring 70s inspired design and photos from a surf trip that lasted longer than intended.

first run is limited to 50 copies. Each one is signed, numbered and will include a 3 Hour Tour sticker and pack of postcards.

available via my website:

emily swain at shootfilmco

Emily Swain

Circumstance is collaborative zine that showcases the beauty of vinyl album artwork captured in relative surroundings, using film photography.

A5 landscape, matte colour printing, 300gsm cover & 170gsm inner pages, 24 pages, staple bound.

Feel free to DM @three_by_three_ or @filmiseverlasting to purchase or head straight to the link below to snag a copy!


Andrew Mclees - Shootfilmco

Andrew McClees / @andrewdmcclees is a small run diy publishing company. We focus on bnw work and small run zines but dabble in color, and have one full length photobook, amongst our nine titles.

To buy: You can shop our zines @, and use our webshop.

 iris grimm - shootfilmco

iris grimm


last days of winter

a zine version of my artist book last days of winter with 24 solargraphs made during the days leading up to the vernal equinox 2019

full color zine, 24 pages, staple bound
4.75 x 4.75 inches 2020 $15

To buy:

Joseph Szymanski

Postcards From The City, Volume #1 - Set of 10 - 4x6 inch postcards from San Francisco, Ca. Photographs from 2015 to 2019. Hand numbered limited edition of 20 pieces.

To buy:


Dmitri Tcherbadji

Monochrome is a hand-made community magazine. Edition 1.20 comes with 50 8½x11” pages, all black and white.

The topic is photographers' home-bound livelihoods during the early 2020 worldwide lockdowns.

All proceeds are donated to charity.

To buy:


jason santiago

Jason Santiago

Vernacular: A Street Photography Zine’
A collection of street photographs focused on the Californian west coast. 59 images by photographer Jason Santiago.

To buy:


paul allan at shootfilmco

Paul Allan

A collection of black and white film work taken throughout 2019, exploring my hometown of Aberdeen Scotland and my experiences of being there, compiled into a small zine.

To buy: People can message me via my Instagram account @A1__Photography_ or my email -


 Tony Roman

Tony Roman

Selected images, mostly from my collection of vintage film cameras, for sale.

To buy:


jonny clugston at shootfilmco

Jonny Clugston

Happy Cows Come From California is a photo book that follows the cows living along the Carquinez Strait, documenting their interactions with the landscape and decay from industry in Martinez, CA.

Limited edition prints also available.

Book and prints can be purchased online at

Please note the books are for pre-order now (as of this writing, November 14 2020) and will ship in 3-4 weeks. Reach out to me directly for questions and shipping inquiries.

jamie maldonado at shootfilmco

Jamie Maldonado

I photographed ~40 “Distance Sessions,” creating portraits via video chat software. I photographed my computer screen with a combination of film cameras and the resulting images make up the 64 pages of this 5.8” x 8.3” perfect bound zine.

To buy:


ady kerry at shootfilmco

Ady Kerry

Slow Photography
28 page magazine, 210 x 280mm
Pinhole photography in Folkestone, Lockdown imagery in the garden, A feature on the River Findhorn in Scotland and Soesterberg airbase in the Netherlands. Film & digital
£5 to UK addresses

To buy: DM via my twitter or email me at

£5 to UK addresses and happy to ship worldwide if required, but exact cost depends on regions.


aly chiarello at shootfilmco

Aly Chiarello

These are ‘zines from a series called Riding in Cars with Film. I shot these photos from a moving care to and from doctors appointments as a way to ease the severe anxiety experienced on these occasions.

To buy: Both zines from the series can be purchased from my page on MagCloud


Maïell Editions

A photo fanzine that represents the meditterenean city: Tel Aviv.
It includes photos taken with analog cameras from 2017-2019 by two photographers: Hillel Perlov and Maïa Aboualiten.

52 pages
Color and B/w
110g' half glossy paper



Bob St-Cyr

A fine-art zine called Follow the Light
A collection of black & white images from various aspects of the Fraser Valley including a historical Power House.

To buy, order directly from Blurb.



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