Last Updated: March 23, 2020

TL;DR: 10% of all proceeds will be donated to The California Association of Food Banks.

PhotoMemo notebooks, pins, patches, and stickers are shipping out of California, as usual, using USPS mail.

Apparel, drinkware, and headwear orders will be accepted but not shipped until the lockdown on production is lifted in the state of Michigan, tentatively scheduled for April 13.

Full details below. Thank you for your patience and support during this difficult time.

As a one-person business supporting a family, and as a member of a larger community of photographers, artists, and businesses, my first priority is the health and safety of everyone.

This notice serves as an update to shipping and production times of ShootFilmCo merchandise.

As of this writing, most ShootFilmCo operations will continue, as this is a one-person business that, luckily, I'm able to run from isolation. However, below are details on updated production times of certain items:

  • PhotoMemo notebooks, pins, patches, and stickers are shipping as usual, using USPS mail, as they always have. These items are shipped by me personally, out of California.
  • Apparel, drinkware, and headwear are printed on-demand by a partner production facility in Michigan, which as of this writing is under state-mandated closure with a tentative re-open date of April 13th. Orders for these items will still be accepted, however they will not be produced and shipped until after the closure order is lifted.

As you may understand, the situation we face changes rapidly, and may differ from day-to-day. As such, the lockdown dates are to be considered tentative, as the priority is the health and safety of production workers and our customers, and must follow the letter of the law and of common sense.

Cancellations of apparel, drinkware, and headwear

Items produced in our partner production facility of these specific items WILL NOT ENTER PRODUCTION until after the tentative lockdown end date of April 13th. Please note this date is mandated by the state of Michigan. Orders for these items will still be accepted during this time. You may cancel your order up until the item enters production; at which point our regular return policy applies. You may refer to the full details of the return policy here:

 Thank you for your support and patience during this time.