This holiday season (hell, year-round, even), please take a look at these independent artists and consider supporting, sharing, and buying their art!

This is a community-based effort, and works best if as many people as possible see it, so PLEASE SHARE!



Chris CGphotog at ShootFilmCo

Chris CGphotog

I sell scenic prints from my travels. The images tend to be a bit of a darker style.

To buy prints they can go to my website and select all images and then there is a link that is labeled scenic images for purchase.

William Hopkins at ShootFilmCo

William Hopkins

I made a zine of 110-format photos! I took the photos early in my photographic career, as I was trying to find a sense of place while traveling and moving within the US. I used a Kodak Tele-Instamatic 608 and Lomography 110 film.

To buy:

Ed Worthington

Ed Worthington

Three current zines; One of the last five years of my street photography and two showcasing images I have made in Italy over the last few years of travel.

To buy: OR Etsy store

Michael Thorn at ShootFilmCo

Michael Thorn

I'm a music photographer based in Richmond. I make prints and zines and postcards and posters and the like. is my store and I updated it regularly as things become available
Stephanie Rosie at ShootFilmco

Stephanie Rosie

Fine art prints of travel, National Parks, and every day life.
To buy: Email or DM via Instagram
Anne Hollond at ShootFilmco

Anne Hollond
Instant film photo zines (polaroid, instax, pack film), handmade in a traditional photocopy folded single sheet style:
1. Gas and Graffiti
2. Bluedoir
3. Kansas Highway 32
4. Out in the Barn
5. Just 5 Things
6. Pieces of Me
To buy, DM on Instagram or email (Payment can be made through PayPal or Venmo.) Details about each zine can be found in IG posts. Zines are available individually or as a set.
Tim Dobbs on

Tim Dobbs

I have some zines including my new one Abandoned, Lost or Broken, also all my images are available as prints.
Best way to buy is DM on twitter or just email me:
Joey Carter / ShootFilmCo

Joey Carter

Inkjet film photography prints, printed by me, at home, in Nebraska.

I shoot with a wide variety of cameras and film stocks but I'm always documenting unique angles of life in an attempt to inspire others.

Anybody interested in buying a print can visit my instagram account and message me directly from there, or email me.


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