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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Absolutely love all the premium tees

I've bought over 20 shirts and absolutely love them.

Jude Bayer
Shootfilm Co strikes again

I've gotten all your Halloween themed stuff before and I won't stop now! What's next???

Great shirt, of course. Quality cotton, great regular fit, definitely nothing fancy but not cheap either.

One complaint NOT about the product, but I wish you had overnight shipping, it would really help me when I need a quick gift for my photowalk buddies.

Gerhard Bauch
Film is Alive!

Got a few of your designs before, this one's the best so far. Keep 'em coming!

Shirt is good quality as always, pretty much. It's cotton but it's nice and soft, not like a Beefy T which is a little too tough for me.

Rueben B. Ferrel
Great design, conversation starter

FIRST day I wore this, it started a conversation in the streets of Boston. A LOT of younger kids are really getting into analog. The person didn't even see the back print, they saw the chest design, pointed, and said "NICE!" Of course my Nikon around my neck drew some attention too. Great job Mike!

Lou Raynor

Best pun EVER. I had to get this shirt, two of my favorite things, worlds colliding: High ISO BW film and horror movies. The illustration on this one is next level, too. I like your previous stuff but this one is one that I snapped up as quickly as possible, the day you announced it.