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As Seen on eBay: Clear Olympus Infinity Stylus / MJU 1

As Seen on eBay: Clear Olympus Infinity Stylus / MJU 1

Sure, point and shoots are popular. Compact prime lens models such as the Olympus Infinity Stylus and Stylus Epic, known as the "MJU" and "MJU II" in markets outside of the USA, have enjoyed a big boost in popularity with the recent resurgence in film photography for reasons such as their image quality, pocketability, but also many other intangible reasons like sightings of celebrities using similar compacts.

Prices have skyrocketed with demand for these once-discarded cameras. Sure, sure, we all know YOU found for for $2--congratulations--but for most regular folk looking for such models, eBay is the place to search.

Sometimes, those searches turn up something truly unique, like this clear Infinity Stylus / MJU, presumably used a tech display model at specialty retailer outlets, showing off the inner guts of the popular camera.

Of course, you can't actually take photos with the camera--because it's clear, the film would be exposed to light as soon as it comes out of it's cassette--so this is a demo model through and through.

The seller is asking for $3000, but is taking offers, so put on your negotiating hat and snag it up!

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The seller has also created a detailed YouTube video about the camera here:

As seen on eBay: "weird film camera"

As seen on eBay: "weird film camera"

weird film camera on ebay by shootfilmcfo

Ah, the never-ending treasure trove that is Ebay. This one shows ONE photograph of only THE BACK of the camera and a title that simply states that it is a "weird film camera."

Digging deeper shows that the camera was from a smoke-free and pet-free environment.

All this could be yours for a mere $300, or you could put on your hagglin' hat and make an offer.

From what I see, it's a Pentax as is evidenced by the "Asahi Optical Co." engraving, but who can ID what it is?

Why didn't the seller take a photo of the front?


We may never know.

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