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The Latest in Film News: March 15, 2019

The Latest in Film News: March 15, 2019

Film Photography Paideia 2019: Analog Talk Podcast LIVE in San Clemente, California

Analog Talk Podcast

This past March 2nd and 3rd in San Clemente, California, over 150 film enthusiasts were hosted by The Darkroom at the 2nd annual Film Photography Paideia: an event gathering enthusiasts, professionals, and industry names to talk about and be inspired by film. The event sold out in under 70 hours according to The Darkroom's Philip Steblay and they plan to hold the event annually.

The crew at Analog Talk held a live podcast discussion with the speakers of the event, including Matt Day, Michael Raso and Mat Marrash from The Film Photography Project, Megan Barrett, Raquel and Juan Martinez of Beers of Cameras, Jonathan Paragas, Michael Bain of Ilford Photo, Trev Lee of The Darkroom, with MC duties carried by the one and only Take Kayo of BigHeadTaco

Listen to the podcast here

Analog Forever: Film Photography Paideia Event Coverage

Our friends at Analog Forever Magazine covered the Film Photography Paideia and wrote up a great summary of all the happenings. Make sure to check out this new and soon-to-be-in-print resource at this link!

Derev Pan 35mm Black & White Film from FPP

Derev Pan 35mm Black & White Film - Film Photography Project

The Film Photography Project launched a brand new, previously-unavailable film stock called "Derev Pan", a panchromatic black & white film, with roots as a scientific aerial film from the Ukraine. It is available in 100, 200, and 400 ISO.

Buy Derev Pan here.

EMULSIVE: “New” Tetenal, a phoenix rises

Good news received directly from our friends at “New” Tetenal: the final pieces of paperwork were given their stamps of approval, and the company was officially registered last Friday March 8th 2019!

Head to EMULSIVE to read the whole story.

Sunny 16 Podcast: ROUND 2

Sunny 16 Podcast: ROUND 2

The dedicated and prolific gang over at the Sunny 16 Podcast allowed me to be a guest on their show yet again, this time to help judge the Cheap Shots Challenge. It's nice chunky one so make sure your morning commute is long and your coffee cup is full.

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