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In the Frame: Kir Lykkeberg Film Photographer Interview

In the Frame: Kir Lykkeberg Film Photographer Interview

Portrait by Film Photographer Kir Lykkeberg

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My name is Kir Lykkeberg and I am currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Although I like my Danish origins, I do seem to have a chronic wanderlust, and have, besides Copenhagen, lived in both Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Dublin and London within the last 5 years.

I have dabbled with film since I started photographing around 6 years ago. For the past two/three years I have been all analog, only using my digital gear for occasional video work.  

In 2017 I finished a BA in Visual Communication with a focus on Photography. Since then I have been trying to figure out what it is that so attracts me to photography, and somehow find my own visual identity.

Man in grey jacket and pink pants sitting in a chair, photograph by film photographer Kir Lykkeberg

At the moment I am mostly drawn towards portraits. I really enjoy the interplay between me, the photographer and the portrayed, regardless of it being a planned sitting or someone I stop at the street. Circumstances creates, and I very much embrace the fact that you can’t plan everything in life.

I choose to shoot on film out of a love for the medium, the slow pace it keeps me in, and the odd chances for unknown magic it brings.

Film photography by Kir Lykkeberg

Not having endless shots also makes me think more before I press the shutter, which not only comes in handy in the selection process, but also gives me more confidents that I actually know what I am doing, rather than just shoot away and hope something in there must be good.

I especially find film photography rewarding when it comes to portraiture. That fact that neither you nor the portrayed can see the image instantly, seems to keep both more present and in the moment, instead of focusing on the outcome. Also a lot of people find it fascinating with film. I actually had someone I stopped for a portrait, initially saying no, until I took my Rolleiflex from my bag, then he responded; “Oh if it is with that, then it is okay”.

Photography by film photographer Kir Lykkeberg

I mainly shoot medium format film, and occasionally polaroid and 35mm. If it is a planned shoot I bring along my Mamiya RZ67 with that incredible 110mm lens. On trips and everyday adventures I normally bring my Rolleiflex 2,8C.

For 120mm I am allover the place, shooting both positive and negative film, I do however tend to shoot in color, and have done so ever since I started shooting film.  

I absolutely love shooting polaroids, especially peel apart on my Polaroid 600SE. I was heartbroken when Fuji announced pulling fp100 of the market, and praying someone will bring it back. My stash is running dangerously low.

Photography by film photographer Kir Lykkeberg

When I go exploring a new city or country some of my favourite souvenirs are the pictures I take, especially of the people I meet. Shooting on a mediumformat camera makes it a tad difficult sometimes photographing people without them noticing. My solution therefore is simply to ask them. The first word I learn when facing a new language is usually ’photo’, and amazingly that is often enough.  

The photos here are from my latest trip to Paris, a city that will always be special to me, as it was the first place I lived abroad.

Photography by film photographer Kir Lykkeberg