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Lens Fungus Solution

From our buddy Zach of Zach Smith Photography comes this handy tip for those who have fungus issues with their lenses:
"I got an Olympus Zuiko 50mm 1.8 that had an enormous spot of fungus right in the center, and didn't feel like disassembling it. So I had the idea of soaking a few cotton balls in 70% isopropyl alcohol and sticking them in a plastic bag exposed to a black light for UV radiation for a week. Lo and behold, a week later almost all of the fungus is gone and looks like it was never there!"
Whether you're out at garage sales and thrift stores and find a cheap lens with fungus, or you've got an old classic form Grandpa's basement that you can attempt to salvage, give this trick a shot and let us know your results.

While this has worked for many people, there are naturally no guarantees, so try this at your own risk!