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Halloween is Upon Us Once Again!

Halloween is Upon Us Once Again!

My favorite time of year. Easily when I'm the most inspired and when I'm having the most fun: Halloween. Of course, I wanted to drop some really special products near and dear to my heart this year, so I present to you, the ShootFilmCo Halloween 2019 collection!

A nice little variety of goods, including a GLOW IN THE DARK LAPEL PIN, and two new shirt and hoodie designs, both featuring a front-and-back print, inspired by one of my favorite horror movie genres (zombies!) and one don't-you-dare activity from my childhood (the Ouija board!).

So check out the collection and get geared up for some spiritography and other such zombie slaughtering, ghost hunting, demon conjuring activities!


ShootFilmCo Rollei Skeleton Hands Glow in the Dark Lapel Pin

shootfilmco zombie wants grain shirt

shootfilmco zombie wants grain hoodie

shootfilmco ouija board shirt

shootfilmco ouija board hoodie

All Hallows' Eve Special Edition Patches

film is not dead film is alive photography embroidered patches

Special Preorder Pricing NOW. Ships September 8th 2015.

I'm proud to present the newest patches: The All Hallows Eve Special Edition. Two new patches, illustrated by Andrew Denholm. I've been waiting a long time to announce these, and now that it's September, and the Halloween season is upon us, they must be revealed to the world. I started working on the ideas of these months ago, and when I saw Andrew Denholm's inspiring work, I knew he was the one I wanted to illustrate them. We worked together and the final result are the two newest patches in the lineup, which I am proud to announce to the world today.

The vital stats:

  • 3-inch circle
  • Custom embroidered
  • Heat seal backing
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Glows in the dark

Order yours today! Special preorder pricing until September 8th, 2015.

To help celebrate today's announcement, we've asked Andrew himself to talk about his work:


1) Please tell us about yourself and how you came to be an illustrator. As a child i was encouraged to draw at home by my parents and would spend hours either copying cartoons or making my own characters. This developed into making sketch books full of drawings as a teenager with my style constantly shifting and changing depending on what i was interested in at the time. I began to paint a lot in high school and was accepted into Edinburgh College of Art to study for four years. I initially wanted to do fine art painting but i discovered that illustration was my true passion as i loved to tell stories through images. I had not even considered illustration to be a possible career growing up by looking back i realise i had been training all my life for it.
Film is Not Dead Patch
  2) Who are some artists, in any medium and artform, that you take inspiration from in your work? I have had many influences throughout my life that have helped shape the way i create my work. I particularly enjoy the work of Keith Haring as his graphic style is really exciting and full of energy. I really enjoy images with lots of movement and emotion like Guernica by Picasso and his work is so varied it is a constant source of inspiration. Artists like Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon, Jean-Michel Basquiat are great artists to study for character design. I also like many Scottish artist such as Peter Howson and John Bellany.
3) Was it fun to work on the Halloween-themed film patches? The patches were great fun to develop. Both of the characters had lots of mood and darkness to them but i was also able to be playful, adding a sense of fun to them. Trying to incorporate cameras into the patches were a challenge as the composition was a little tricky but i feel they work really well.  Halloween is such a great area for character design so it was enjoyable to research the subject before designing the patches.
Film is Alive Patch
4) What new projects are you working on now? I am currently developing a storytelling kit for children that will encourage them to write and illustrate their own stories. It has a basic structure that will guide children through the different elements of a story while allowing them to tell it in their own way. I hope to help children enjoy drawing as much as i did when i was their age. I have studied the theory of Vladimir Propp and how fairy stories are structured to help develop the project which has been very interesting. Check out Andrew's work and follow him: