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Review Roundup: ShootfilmCo PhotoMemo - The Perfect Notebook for Photographers

Review Roundup: ShootfilmCo PhotoMemo - The Perfect Notebook for Photographers
ShootiflmCo's PhotoMemo is the ultimate companion for film photographers looking to elevate their note-taking game. With its durable yet lightweight design, this notebook easily fits into your pocket or camera bag, ensuring you can capture important details on the go. The simple brown cover and soft cream paper add a touch of elegance to the experience. While the predefined headings on each page spread may not suit everyone's shooting style, the notebook's customizability shines through, allowing you to create your own columns for better consistency. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or a beginner, PhotoMemo is a must-have tool to stay organized and enhance your film photography workflow.

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Mid-Spring Surprise! New Strap Colors

shootfilmco camera strap vegan, no leather


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I'm excited to announce today three new strap colors! Banana, Teal, and Electric Pink...oh, and BLACK is back in stock!

The ShootFilmCo Strap for Cameras is manufactured using a highly durable coated webbing similar in feel and flexibility to leather, but uses no animal products. It features a patterned, matte textured surface with the perfect amount of grip but still smooth enough to glide over fabric and skin while carrying and maneuvering your camera.

It does not wear, stain, fade, or dry like leather. It is non-porous, weather proof, and can be cleaned with soap and water.

The two available lengths are 36 inches, suitable for a neck carry, and 47 inches, suitable for a lower torso neck carry or cross-body carry.

All components were manufactured in the USA, include solid brass hardware, and hand assembled in Vallejo, California.




Also, the ever-popular PhotoMemo notebooks are back in stock!


PhotoMemo is Back in Stock. Check Out What People Have to Say About It.

PhotoMemo is Back in Stock. Check Out What People Have to Say About It.

While I knew that PhotoMemo would serve the needs of some people, myself included, I had no idea of the popularity they would have! When it was first released back in October of 2016, every major photography press outlet picked up on it. Here's a collection of the many reviews and features that popped up on the web over the past few months! I know there's a few more out there, and even a couple in German and Portuguese. I'll hunt those down and add those as I find them!

UPDATE: Oct 3, 2017: Found this feature on a Netherlands-based website,, in Dutch:

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