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New FilmLab 3 App Revolutionizes Film Photography Digitization: Faster, More Accurate, and Feature-Packed

New FilmLab 3 App Revolutionizes Film Photography Digitization: Faster, More Accurate, and Feature-Packed

Kennebunk, Maine, USA - Develop + Fix Inc. has just unveiled FilmLab 3, a groundbreaking upgrade to their film digitization app. This innovation introduces advanced versions of FilmLab Color Negative Process and FilmLab BW Negative Process, revolutionizing the transformation of negative film scans into vibrant positive images. Leveraging the power of modern GPUs, FilmLab 3 achieves a remarkable 4x increase in conversion speed, rendering film scans comparable to those produced by professional-grade scanners. This evolution promises exceptional results for enthusiasts of film photography, including 35mm and medium format film aficionados.

The star feature of FilmLab 3 isn't just speed—it's the integration of cutting-edge color science that empowers mirrorless and DSLR cameras to replicate the qualities of top-tier film scanners. Film photographers and archivists will relish the new tools and enhancements designed to elevate scanned negatives. A noteworthy highlight is the Scanning Flare Correction tool, adept at mitigating the adverse effects of ambient light reflection, thus restoring contrast and brilliance. Additional improvements encompass noise reduction, image sharpening, and an all-new Highlight Recovery tool, capable of salvaging overexposed areas' intricate details.

Develop + Fix's founder, Abe Fettig, shared, "This release has been a labor of dedication spanning two years. Our team, in collaboration with image scientist Thomas E. Madden, delved into the intricacies of digital and film technology. We aspired to unlock the potential of standard camera sensors for film scanning. The outcome surpassed our expectations, as our meticulously developed process accurately emulates analog characteristics."

Available now in beta versions for Windows and macOS, FilmLab 3 can be downloaded at Anticipating wide appeal, FilmLab 3 will debut for iOS in early September, followed by an Android beta release later in the fall. The full release is projected across all platforms before year-end, marking a pivotal moment in the world of analog photography digitization.

Press Contact: Hannah Fettig,

Pixl-latr - a New, Cost-Effective Way to Digitize Film

Pixl-latr - a New, Cost-Effective Way to Digitize Film

The pixl-latr

In my photographic process, scanning film has always been the most the most tedious process and always the bottleneck.

Recently, Hamish Gill of announced the "pixl-latr," an affordable and easy to use solution to scan film, will soon be heading to Kickstarter.

From what I've seen, it looks like an interesting solution to a problem that many of us have.

Head over to to to get signed up for the mailing list and stay up to date with the product and the upcoming Kickstarter campaign!