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In The Frame: Darnell De Luna

In The Frame: Darnell De Luna

All Photos © Darnell De Luna. Used with permission.

I am from a small town in California named Gilroy. I am currently a full time college student at San Jose State working as a tutor to keep my love for film photography/film in general in my life. I don’t have a certain style of photography but I love doing a mixture of both street and portrait style work. I am currently documenting everything I do in my life and working on a series for it. I am also trying to make a Zine/magazine by the end of 2019.

I think the look of film just gives off that more authentic look that digital couldn’t produce even after the many edits. My friend got me into after seeing his light leak photos and admiring the imperfections of film. You really never know what you’re going to get out of a picture so it makes you really focus and stay attentive to each picture you take. The process as well talking to my film developer each time I get a roll in, he gives me advice on how to handle each work.

I tend to attract to simple work. Pictures that are simple and clean with some sort of fashion mixed in is what I tend to gravitate towards.

The three pictures I am submitting are a mixture of portraits to show the imperfections of film. These are just shots I took of friends in my city. These pictures were done in close up with a fast ISO speed. Since I like fashion work/editorials I like implicating a sense of fashion in mine. As well as keeping it simple and clean. Those are my two main points whenever I shoot film.

In The Frame: Andrej Spilevoj

In The Frame: Andrej Spilevoj


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All photos © Andrej Spilevoj / Website / Instagram / Facebook 

I work in office and have master degree in law but my true passion is film photography. I started as a video production family business but switched to photography after few years of work in business. Now I mainly provide photo services in Lithuania and Italy, I work for several wedding planners and create my own art projects that I shoot mainly on film. Recently I started the concert photography on film in order to learn to use film in harder conditions. I also write film review articles since 2017 so one of my ideas was to write several articles for film photographers about shooting film in concerts or during the night. I also have my blog and on every shoot I use vlogging as a part of my services. I publish my articles in Lithuanian and English and I am glad that they receive quite positive feedback in film community.

Since the move to photography I fell in love with the film colours and it was 2 years ago when I realised that it was film that dictated such colour pallets that I adored. My first attempts were very bad due to unprofessional lab that I used. So at first I stopped for a while but later I picked up my film camera again and this time I sent my film to a pro lab in Germany. Since then I could not stop shooting film.

I use both 35mm and medium format cameras at the moment. I shoot Mamiya AFD 645 with 80m F1.9 and various Canon AF cameras (currently 300v and 500n). I tried manual focus (Olympus) but I made too many mistakes with the manual focus (I wear glasses and contact lens) that I decided that the gear in hands is not that important as long as it does the job for me allowing me rather focus on composition and idea. I shoot various film, my most liked are Portra 400/800, Fuji 400h and Lomography 400/800.

I would like to submit the newest work from my concert photography on film project. Adding the shots that I liked the most. They may not reflect the whole beauty if film during the concerts that I shot but I found them quite interesting and unique.

In The Frame: Sheena Ocot

In The Frame: Sheena Ocot

photography by Sheena Ocot

In the Frame is a series from ShootFilmCo sharing work and insight into the gear and process of film photographers around the world. Get featured.

All Photographs © Sheena Ocot. All rights reserved.




I go by Sheena She a.k.a. The Film Bruja.  I am a black belt-wielding film photographer from New Jersey.  I was born in the Philippines and emigrated to America when I was only a year old.  I have a background in creative writing and makeup.  Film has always been a  part of me because I grew up in that era and was always designated family photographer. I love all things creepy and strange.  I'm real friendly and these days, that is rare.  Currently I am in Houston, Texas trying to give my gift of film photography here.  Not sure what I am doing but I am very passionate and driven.

photography by Sheena Ocot

I love the color shifts, the light leaks, how it can hold an emotion without really having to post process.  The "look" is authentic once it is developed and the outcome seems to holds a story.  It isn't flat like digital before editing the shit out of it.  For the record, you can edit, you can shoot digital, you can do whatever you like - that's the beauty of being human!  I am not hating, this is my opinion.  That's why I am so much more attracted to film, all my photos don't need editing even if you feel like they do!

I tend to pick up my Pentax ME or Pentax P3 more.  I have a Canon AE-1 and Minolta SRT101 but my Pentax's get more action.  I'm "The Film Bruja" because I love trying out all types of film but Kodak Portra 400 is getting more love these days from me.

photography by Sheena Ocot

I started off photographing my everyday life and street photography.  With my experience in makeup/fashion, it led me to really wanting to curate photo shoots when I am not photographing portraits.  I love expressing my creative and unique eye in photos.  I like the whole team effort - styling, props, etc which I think really puts the photos together.  Creating stories without trying so hard.  Creating magick is what I love about what I do.  I don't really have a technique, I just like to just shoot and when I think it might not turn out well, I always surprise myself every time.

In The Frame: Photographer Hannah O'Brien

In The Frame: Photographer Hannah O'Brien

Black and white photograph of Gandy Street by film photographer Hannah O'Brien
All photos © Hannah O'Brien

I'm Hannah, I'm 24 and I'm a passionate photographer from Exeter, Devon; in the South West of England. Photography is my main passion in life and has been for quite some time now. Despite at times not being able to get out of the house to pursue my photography endeavours all of the time, due to being chronically ill the past 11 years with severe M.E, which unfortunately means that I'm bed bound 95% of the time. For that other small 5% when I'm hoisted into my wheelchair, I seize those opportunities more than anything and don't take a single moment for granted. I fill as much photography as I can in those outings and that time spent pursuing my passion means so very much to me.

I adore shooting film and everything that surrounds this way of capturing images. I've been interested in film photography for a long while now, but as my passion for photography in general has grown over the past few years, so has my intrigue for film. I love the personality and soul film photos have opposed to digital images, there's just so much more within the image that can be portrayed to the viewer. It's also so important to me how much film photography slows me down. Each and every shot on a roll is so much more valuable and I truly savour each of them, most especially when working with medium format.

Black and white photograph of Exeter Cathedral by film photographer Hannah O'Brien

The main camera I'm currently gravitating to is my Yashica Mat TLR. It happens to be my first medium format camera and I'm absolutely in love with this camera and the personality that oozes from it.
In regards to film I'm really loving Ilford FP4+ (in 120 specifically), as well Kodak Portra 400.

I'm submitting three images from the project I have recently completed, titled- 'Isca; The Eras Of Exeter', which is a piece of work that portrays the history the city I live in has over various eras in time, which is shown dominantly through architecture.
I was lucky enough to exhibit this project in a fantastic local arts festival this July in Exeter.

Black and white photo RAMM by film photographer Hannah O'Brien

It was all captured with my beloved Yashica Mat and the film used was; Ilford FP4+ and Kodak Portra 400.

Although, the three images I'm sharing where all taken with FP4+.

Apart from being shown at the local arts festival on July 8th, 2018, I haven't posted any of the images from this series of 10 photos myself online yet. And only one of them has been seen on social from being posted by the great site Your Exhibition.

I'm hoping to display the project again locally very soon and then make a series of print boxes that will be for sale on my website later in the year if all goes well.

In The Frame: Photographer Hope Roach

In The Frame: Photographer Hope Roach

chair in leaves with light leaks at bottom
All photos © Hope Roach. All rights reserved.
Hi, I’m Hope and I’m an eighteen year old film and digital photographer living in Columbus, Ohio. I started shooting my freshman year when I took an Intro to Photography course, never really thinking that it would stick. However my teacher became my mentor, friend, and father figure and helped guide me to expressing my thoughts into my photography. I have found a great love and appreciation for the world and my life because of photography. Photography allows me to cope with my anxiety, depression, and chronic illness in a healthy and positive way. I am so thankful to be able to continue my art throughout college at Ohio University’s Scripps College of Visual Communication majoring in Photojournalism. I am excited to go down a new path for my photography and see where it leads me.
backlit clouds against blue sky by Hope Roach
I love the intimacy of film. When I shoot film it’s such a personal experience that I can’t replicate with digital. The thought that it’s easy to mess up the exposure or get the angle wrong makes me really think about what I am doing, seeing, and shooting. After shooting comes developing which is my absolute favorite part of film. I love knowing that I am creating art with my hands, and that I can mess it up. The feelings that you experience when your film comes out or doesn’t are so overwhelming. I’ve cried and I’ve cheered over film, it all depends. Film is an intricate and interesting medium and I think that’s what I love so much about it.
Of all the cameras I’ve shot I can say that I personally love my Olympus OM10 the most. It’s a small, quirky camera that is so much fun to just take out and shoot with. I think I love this camera so much because I’m so attached to it, I have shot over 25 rolls on it. I shoot color film, Fujicolor, Kodak Gold, Portra, Velvia, Ektar are some examples. I love shooting the world the way I see it so color film is an obvious choice for me. However I do love to edit my color photos to B&W when I’m feeling something a bit different in post than I was before.

I’m submitting some pieces from very different points in my photography and in my life. I have grown with my photography and have learned from it as well. Everything I shoot is for fun, to see the world through my eyes. I love this planet and I love documenting it.