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In The Frame: Lizette Carrasco

In The Frame: Lizette Carrasco



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Hello, my name is Lizette Carrasco, and I am from Los Angeles, California. I grew up in the city of El Sereno. I am recent sociology graduate from California State University Los Angeles. A little bit about myself is, I started photographing at the age of 17 and now at 31 years old, photography has completely changed my life. Through academia and photography, I found the true significance of my art. I learned the importance of documentation. I took a break from photography to focus on my education but now that I am official a college graduate I can get back into photographing my city and the people I love!

My favorite part of film photography is the intimacy of creating an image. Shooting with film, there is a calculation as you do not want to waste a shot.

I shoot with a variety of film cameras. The first camera I ever owned was a Canon Rebel G with a 35mm-80mm lens and is my go-to film camera. The next camera I purchased was the Canonet Ql17 GII with a 40mm lens. This rangefinder is a complete game charger! It is one the sharpest film cameras I have ever shot with. I primarily shoot with 35mm cameras, but a future goal of mine is to upgrade to medium format. My love for photography began when my sister Sylvia who introduced me to the subject. I started taking courses in high school and throughout college. It has been 14 years of ups and downs with photography, but I learned a lot of who I am and what I plan to represent with each shot I produce. My preference to shoot with is Ilford Hp5, Kodak Tri-x and Kodak Portra.

The images that I submitted are photographs that symbolize Los Angeles I was born and raised in. I grew up around graffiti and the LA skyline. It’s important to me to continuously photograph my city and its people with its constant changes due to gentrification. Each photograph is a staple of who I am as a photographer.

In the Frame: Haley Vahlstrom



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Hi there, my name is Haley Vahlstrom and I'm from a small town in Northern California called Gilroy. I've always been interested in taking pictures but didn't get involved in photography until I started college about two years ago. I started by using my friend's Canon DSLRs and my love for shooting spiraled from there. Film has also been an interest of mine since starting but I hadn't started using it until a little while ago due to the sort of pressure of perfection that surrounds it, but I'm glad to say I'm happy I took the dive and ventured into this side of photography. I'm almost finished with my last quarter of college and hope to do something in the field of fashion styling, graphic, design, and photography.

The thing that attracts me to photographing with film the most is honestly the aesthetic quality of it. The experience is a huge part as well as it can be a rush just clicking the shutter not knowing what the image you just captured will turn out as, but I just absolutely love the look of film and how much character it gives each picture.

I've gravitated to using either disposable cameras or my Canon T70. For film my first roll was on Kodak T-max 400 and I've just started up a roll of Portra 400 I'm pretty stoked about.

This first picture I'm submitting is from a couple weeks ago back in Hollywood when my friend and I were on our way back from Amoeba. It was such a beautiful sunset I knew I had to whip out my disposable Kodak. The other pictures were from my T-max 400 roll. It was my first roll of film ever (besides a previous disposable camera) and I was going around to different locations up north to use it up.

In The Frame: Lilian Tay

In The Frame: Lilian Tay


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Hi! I'm Lilian. I'm a 24 years old female artist born in Malaysia and I currently reside in Wichita, KS. I recently received my B.F.A. in Art Education with an emphasis in Photography. I'm a full-time art educator and photography has been my passion for about 9 years.

I started shooting film when I was a freshmen in high school. I originally took Intro to Photography as part of the graduation requirement, but I eventually grew to enjoy it as I got to experiment and understand the technical processes behind film photography. Through film photography, I have learned to slow down and take the time to observe the scenery before I press the shutter button. During my internship at a local high school, my cooperating teacher, who is an experienced photography teacher, has taught me much about how we can further experiment with the prints that we've processed and create unique results through the process.

I started out film photography using Canon AE-1 and Minolta X-370 as those were what's available in my high school class. During my high school and early college years, I've only taken all my shots with Ilford HP5+ 400 and Arista EDU Ultra 400. Currently, I'm using a Pentax K1000 that I bought at a yard sale. I'm beginning to experiment with color films, starting with Kodak Colorplus 200.

This series of works that I've submitted is called Manipulation in the Dark. Manipulation in the Dark is a series of work that focuses on the alteration of film photography. Each work has been manipulated with a combination of splattering the developer on the prints, fogging the prints under tungsten light, and sepia toning during the printing process in the darkroom. The intention of this series is to draw attention to utilizing a combination of darkroom photographic practices that are considered incorrect to one's advantage. All of these photos were processed and printed on Arista EDU Ultra VC RC Paper. I love taking photos of the nature and document the process. My goals for the future are to gain more experience with color film photography and create my own darkroom. In addition, I would like to dive into medium format in the near future.

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In The Frame: Darnell De Luna

In The Frame: Darnell De Luna

All Photos © Darnell De Luna. Used with permission.

I am from a small town in California named Gilroy. I am currently a full time college student at San Jose State working as a tutor to keep my love for film photography/film in general in my life. I don’t have a certain style of photography but I love doing a mixture of both street and portrait style work. I am currently documenting everything I do in my life and working on a series for it. I am also trying to make a Zine/magazine by the end of 2019.

I think the look of film just gives off that more authentic look that digital couldn’t produce even after the many edits. My friend got me into after seeing his light leak photos and admiring the imperfections of film. You really never know what you’re going to get out of a picture so it makes you really focus and stay attentive to each picture you take. The process as well talking to my film developer each time I get a roll in, he gives me advice on how to handle each work.

I tend to attract to simple work. Pictures that are simple and clean with some sort of fashion mixed in is what I tend to gravitate towards.

The three pictures I am submitting are a mixture of portraits to show the imperfections of film. These are just shots I took of friends in my city. These pictures were done in close up with a fast ISO speed. Since I like fashion work/editorials I like implicating a sense of fashion in mine. As well as keeping it simple and clean. Those are my two main points whenever I shoot film.

In The Frame: Andrej Spilevoj

In The Frame: Andrej Spilevoj


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All photos © Andrej Spilevoj / Website / Instagram / Facebook 

I work in office and have master degree in law but my true passion is film photography. I started as a video production family business but switched to photography after few years of work in business. Now I mainly provide photo services in Lithuania and Italy, I work for several wedding planners and create my own art projects that I shoot mainly on film. Recently I started the concert photography on film in order to learn to use film in harder conditions. I also write film review articles since 2017 so one of my ideas was to write several articles for film photographers about shooting film in concerts or during the night. I also have my blog and on every shoot I use vlogging as a part of my services. I publish my articles in Lithuanian and English and I am glad that they receive quite positive feedback in film community.

Since the move to photography I fell in love with the film colours and it was 2 years ago when I realised that it was film that dictated such colour pallets that I adored. My first attempts were very bad due to unprofessional lab that I used. So at first I stopped for a while but later I picked up my film camera again and this time I sent my film to a pro lab in Germany. Since then I could not stop shooting film.

I use both 35mm and medium format cameras at the moment. I shoot Mamiya AFD 645 with 80m F1.9 and various Canon AF cameras (currently 300v and 500n). I tried manual focus (Olympus) but I made too many mistakes with the manual focus (I wear glasses and contact lens) that I decided that the gear in hands is not that important as long as it does the job for me allowing me rather focus on composition and idea. I shoot various film, my most liked are Portra 400/800, Fuji 400h and Lomography 400/800.

I would like to submit the newest work from my concert photography on film project. Adding the shots that I liked the most. They may not reflect the whole beauty if film during the concerts that I shot but I found them quite interesting and unique.