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Cameradactyl Launches the Mongoose Fast Automated 35mm Film Scanner

Cameradactyl Launches the Mongoose Fast Automated 35mm Film Scanner


Cameradactyl, the brainchild of mad scientist Ethan Moses launched the Mongoose: an automated 35mm film scanning device.

Users will need to utilize their own digital camera and macro lens; just about any camera that accepts a cable release can be used.

Why is it called the Mongoose? Because it's "fast, and eats snakes and snakes of film!"

See it in action and back the Kickstarter campaign here:

In The Frame: Lilian Tay

In The Frame: Lilian Tay


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Hi! I'm Lilian. I'm a 24 years old female artist born in Malaysia and I currently reside in Wichita, KS. I recently received my B.F.A. in Art Education with an emphasis in Photography. I'm a full-time art educator and photography has been my passion for about 9 years.

I started shooting film when I was a freshmen in high school. I originally took Intro to Photography as part of the graduation requirement, but I eventually grew to enjoy it as I got to experiment and understand the technical processes behind film photography. Through film photography, I have learned to slow down and take the time to observe the scenery before I press the shutter button. During my internship at a local high school, my cooperating teacher, who is an experienced photography teacher, has taught me much about how we can further experiment with the prints that we've processed and create unique results through the process.

I started out film photography using Canon AE-1 and Minolta X-370 as those were what's available in my high school class. During my high school and early college years, I've only taken all my shots with Ilford HP5+ 400 and Arista EDU Ultra 400. Currently, I'm using a Pentax K1000 that I bought at a yard sale. I'm beginning to experiment with color films, starting with Kodak Colorplus 200.

This series of works that I've submitted is called Manipulation in the Dark. Manipulation in the Dark is a series of work that focuses on the alteration of film photography. Each work has been manipulated with a combination of splattering the developer on the prints, fogging the prints under tungsten light, and sepia toning during the printing process in the darkroom. The intention of this series is to draw attention to utilizing a combination of darkroom photographic practices that are considered incorrect to one's advantage. All of these photos were processed and printed on Arista EDU Ultra VC RC Paper. I love taking photos of the nature and document the process. My goals for the future are to gain more experience with color film photography and create my own darkroom. In addition, I would like to dive into medium format in the near future.

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FILM Ferrania Update: Kickstarter Backers Can Use Pledge as Credits in Online Shop

FILM Ferrania Update: Kickstarter Backers Can Use Pledge as Credits in Online Shop

Today, FILM Ferrania updated it's Kickstarter backers with an offer to claim 100% of their original pledge from their embattled Kickstarter campaign to be used as credits in the Film Ferrania online shop, which they say can be used on "anything you wish," including "new products that will be released during next months."

Film Ferrania originally launched their Kickstarter campaign in 2014, which included setting up a factory to produce FILM Ferrania slide film as a reward for it's backers. The campaign raised $322,420 USD, exceeding its goal of $250,000.

Their plans were met with many difficulties over the years, many of which were detailed by Dave Bias, FILM Ferrania's Marketing Director, in an in-depth interview on the Analog Talk Podcast.