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Upcoming Photography Events in 2024

If you're a photography enthusiast looking to expand your skills, network with industry professionals, and get hands-on experience with the latest gear, then you should mark your calendar for two upcoming photography events of 2024: ClickCon in Detroit and Paris Photo in France. Both events offer unique opportunities for photographers of all levels to learn, grow, and get inspired. Here’s what you need to know about these events:

ClickCon 2024: Detroit's Premier Photography Conference

Date: July 30 - August 2, 2024
Location: Detroit, MI

ClickCon is a dynamic and interactive photography conference that brings together some of the best speakers and educators from around the world. Here's why you should consider attending:

  • Diverse Workshops and Speakers: With over 150+ models available to help build your portfolio and themed workshops, ClickCon offers a variety of sessions tailored to different photography styles and interests. From themed shooting bays to interactive classes, there's something for everyone.
  • Hands-On Experience: Attendees can try out the latest camera gear from top vendors on the trade show floor, providing a great opportunity to get hands-on experience with the newest technology.
  • Networking Opportunities: ClickCon is not just about learning; it’s also about connecting with other photographers. You’ll have the chance to meet and collaborate with peers, share ideas, and form lasting relationships.

For more details and to register, visit the ClickCon website.

Paris Photo 2024: A Celebration of Photographic Art

Date: November 7-10, 2024
Location: Grand Palais Ephémère, Paris, France

Paris Photo is the world's largest international art fair dedicated to photography. Held annually in the stunning Grand Palais Ephémère, this event is a must-visit for anyone passionate about photographic art. Here’s what makes Paris Photo special:

  • Exhibition of Vintage and Contemporary Works: The fair showcases a wide range of photographic works from vintage prints to contemporary pieces, offering a comprehensive view of the photographic art scene.
  • Galleries and Art Book Dealers: Leading galleries and art book dealers from around the world present their collections, providing attendees with the opportunity to discover and purchase exceptional works of art.
  • Educational Programs: Paris Photo includes an ambitious program of exhibitions, artist talks, and curated fair paths, allowing visitors to gain deeper insights into the art of photography.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the Paris Photo website.

Both ClickCon and Paris Photo offer invaluable experiences for photographers, whether you're looking to enhance your technical skills, find inspiration, or network with like-minded individuals. These events highlight the diverse and vibrant world of photography, making them essential stops on any photographer's calendar in 2024.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the art of photography and take your passion to the next level by attending these remarkable events. See you there!

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Mastering Zone Focusing: A Quick Guide

Zone focusing can seem like a tricky skill, but it’s a game-changer for street photography and capturing those candid moments. This video simplifies the whole process. In just a few minutes, you'll learn the basics and be ready to hit the streets with confidence.

Watch the video below and see how easy it can be to master zone focusing.

New FilmLab 3 App Revolutionizes Film Photography Digitization: Faster, More Accurate, and Feature-Packed

New FilmLab 3 App Revolutionizes Film Photography Digitization: Faster, More Accurate, and Feature-Packed

Kennebunk, Maine, USA - Develop + Fix Inc. has just unveiled FilmLab 3, a groundbreaking upgrade to their film digitization app. This innovation introduces advanced versions of FilmLab Color Negative Process and FilmLab BW Negative Process, revolutionizing the transformation of negative film scans into vibrant positive images. Leveraging the power of modern GPUs, FilmLab 3 achieves a remarkable 4x increase in conversion speed, rendering film scans comparable to those produced by professional-grade scanners. This evolution promises exceptional results for enthusiasts of film photography, including 35mm and medium format film aficionados.

The star feature of FilmLab 3 isn't just speed—it's the integration of cutting-edge color science that empowers mirrorless and DSLR cameras to replicate the qualities of top-tier film scanners. Film photographers and archivists will relish the new tools and enhancements designed to elevate scanned negatives. A noteworthy highlight is the Scanning Flare Correction tool, adept at mitigating the adverse effects of ambient light reflection, thus restoring contrast and brilliance. Additional improvements encompass noise reduction, image sharpening, and an all-new Highlight Recovery tool, capable of salvaging overexposed areas' intricate details.

Develop + Fix's founder, Abe Fettig, shared, "This release has been a labor of dedication spanning two years. Our team, in collaboration with image scientist Thomas E. Madden, delved into the intricacies of digital and film technology. We aspired to unlock the potential of standard camera sensors for film scanning. The outcome surpassed our expectations, as our meticulously developed process accurately emulates analog characteristics."

Available now in beta versions for Windows and macOS, FilmLab 3 can be downloaded at Anticipating wide appeal, FilmLab 3 will debut for iOS in early September, followed by an Android beta release later in the fall. The full release is projected across all platforms before year-end, marking a pivotal moment in the world of analog photography digitization.

Press Contact: Hannah Fettig,

Jeff and Susan Bridges Partner with SilvergrainClassics Magazine to Revive Iconic Swing Lens Panoramic Film Camera

Jeff and Susan Bridges Partner with SilvergrainClassics Magazine to Revive Iconic Swing Lens Panoramic Film Camera

In an exciting collaboration, renowned actor Jeff Bridges and his wife Susan Bridges have joined forces with Marwan El Mozayen and Charys Schuler of SilvergrainClassics magazine to launch a new company dedicated to the production of a groundbreaking swing lens panoramic film camera.

Jeff Bridges, acclaimed for his Oscar-winning performances, has also been recognized with the International Center of Photography's prestigious Infinity Award. He has a passion for capturing life on movie sets using the Widelux film camera. Despite its last production run in 2000, Jeff has long harbored the desire to revive his beloved camera, fondly referring to it as his "axe."

The Widelux camera stands out with its unique functionality. Rather than using a traditional shutter, it employs a panning slit lens that sweeps across the film strip. This remarkable process enables photographers to capture an extended span of time within a single image, presenting an array of creative possibilities unmatched by other cameras. Jeff Bridges skillfully utilizes this feature in his captivating Tragedy/Comedy series.

Jeff's wife, Susan Bridges, herself a photography enthusiast who had pursued a career in the field before dedicating her time to raising their three daughters, echoes the sentiment. She recently received acclaim for her debut solo photography exhibition.

Both Jeff and Susan Bridges have contemplated the revival of the Widelux camera for many years. However, it wasn't until their interview with SilvergrainClassics magazine two years ago that they found the ideal partners to help turn their vision into reality. Marwan El Mozayen and Charys Schuler, based in Germany near traditional camera manufacturing centers, possess extensive connections within the film photography community and industry.

Marwan El Mozayen, excited about the venture, stated, "The new camera will be 100% Made in Germany. We aim to revive the Widelux — but with improved quality, reliability, and a few tweaks. There isn't an exact timetable yet, but with the four of us collaborating, we have already reached the prototyping phase!"

Further details regarding the project will be available on once the embargo is lifted. The comprehensive story of this undertaking can be exclusively found in the printed Issue 19 of SilvergrainClassics magazine, a special panoramic edition that also features a portfolio of captivating images captured by the Bridges.

With the combined expertise and passion of these talented individuals, the revival of the swing lens panoramic film camera promises to bring an innovative and artistic tool to the realm of photography, captivating enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The Photo Dept Film Lab + ShootFilmCo Giveaway

The Photo Dept Film Lab + ShootFilmCo Giveaway

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Winners will be Drawn June 17, 2023 and notified by email

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