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In the Frame: Haley Vahlstrom



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Hi there, my name is Haley Vahlstrom and I'm from a small town in Northern California called Gilroy. I've always been interested in taking pictures but didn't get involved in photography until I started college about two years ago. I started by using my friend's Canon DSLRs and my love for shooting spiraled from there. Film has also been an interest of mine since starting but I hadn't started using it until a little while ago due to the sort of pressure of perfection that surrounds it, but I'm glad to say I'm happy I took the dive and ventured into this side of photography. I'm almost finished with my last quarter of college and hope to do something in the field of fashion styling, graphic, design, and photography.

The thing that attracts me to photographing with film the most is honestly the aesthetic quality of it. The experience is a huge part as well as it can be a rush just clicking the shutter not knowing what the image you just captured will turn out as, but I just absolutely love the look of film and how much character it gives each picture.

I've gravitated to using either disposable cameras or my Canon T70. For film my first roll was on Kodak T-max 400 and I've just started up a roll of Portra 400 I'm pretty stoked about.

This first picture I'm submitting is from a couple weeks ago back in Hollywood when my friend and I were on our way back from Amoeba. It was such a beautiful sunset I knew I had to whip out my disposable Kodak. The other pictures were from my T-max 400 roll. It was my first roll of film ever (besides a previous disposable camera) and I was going around to different locations up north to use it up.

Pixl-latr Giveaway

DEC 14 UPDATE: We have our winners!

Main Prize Winners:

  • Jen Martin
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ShootFilmCo Black Friday and CYBER WEEK 2020

Cameradactyl Launches the Mongoose Fast Automated 35mm Film Scanner

Cameradactyl Launches the Mongoose Fast Automated 35mm Film Scanner


Cameradactyl, the brainchild of mad scientist Ethan Moses launched the Mongoose: an automated 35mm film scanning device.

Users will need to utilize their own digital camera and macro lens; just about any camera that accepts a cable release can be used.

Why is it called the Mongoose? Because it's "fast, and eats snakes and snakes of film!"

See it in action and back the Kickstarter campaign here: