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Halloween is Upon Us Once Again!

Halloween is Upon Us Once Again!

My favorite time of year. Easily when I'm the most inspired and when I'm having the most fun: Halloween. Of course, I wanted to drop some really special products near and dear to my heart this year, so I present to you, the ShootFilmCo Halloween 2019 collection!

A nice little variety of goods, including a GLOW IN THE DARK LAPEL PIN, and two new shirt and hoodie designs, both featuring a front-and-back print, inspired by one of my favorite horror movie genres (zombies!) and one don't-you-dare activity from my childhood (the Ouija board!).

So check out the collection and get geared up for some spiritography and other such zombie slaughtering, ghost hunting, demon conjuring activities!


ShootFilmCo Rollei Skeleton Hands Glow in the Dark Lapel Pin

shootfilmco zombie wants grain shirt

shootfilmco zombie wants grain hoodie

shootfilmco ouija board shirt

shootfilmco ouija board hoodie

In the Frame: Photographer Roland Clarke

In the Frame: Photographer Roland Clarke


 All photos © Roland Clarke. All rights reserved, displayed with permission.
See more of Roland's work on Instagram: @Roland_442

I served in the Army during Vietnam, but retired from the Navy. I then worked in R&D for a heavy equipment manufacturer for 15 years before retiring again. Now I’m the pastor of a small country church in central Illinois. Photography provides me an occasional escape from the sometimes overwhelming demands of ministry.

It seems that the older I get, the more “old school” my photographic desires become. I started out with a Nikon FE that I bought while stationed in the Navy in Japan. Fast forward over 40 years, and I’m experimenting with 35mm rangefinders. My weapons of choice right now are a Kiev 4AM and a Nikon F, both completely manual. I just used a changing bag and developed my very first roll of B&W film; and I think the pics came out great. I am excited to begin this new phase that challenges my skills.

I am focusing (no pun intended) on Ilford HP5+ film. I have a collection of about 20 cameras, which includes 3 Russian rangefinders, 3 Nikkormat models, a Nikon F, FM, and an FE, Pentax, Vivitar, and a number of other rangefinders. I am sure that I will eventually downsize once I have become proficient with them all.

I am submitting three photos from the first roll of film that I shot via the Kiev 4AM, my newest addition to my rangefinder camera. Since I wanted to prove the camera, I did not wait for some extraordinary photo opportunity, but exhausted the roll in an expeditious fashion.

Analogue Wonderland now Stocking ShootFilmco in the UK!

Analogue Wonderland now Stocking ShootFilmco in the UK!

ShootFilmCo in the UK at Analoge Wonderland
Analogue Wonderland is now stocking and shipping ShootFilmCo products to the UK.
When you get the call from across the Atlantic from an esteemed and passionate retailer of analog, er, analogue products, you rise to the occasion and box up some product so that they can reach all our friends in the United Kingdom.

RIP Robert Frank - The Importance of Legacy and Archives

RIP Robert Frank - The Importance of Legacy and Archives


RIP Robert Frank, November 9, 1924 – September 9, 2019

I always think about the things we leave behind. Our legacy, the important things, the not-so-important things, and how they affect the people around us. I have always thought that a record, some kind of archive, is important for the future to learn from--our successes and failures and everything in between. This is a big reason why a physical archive and printed media is so important to me, and one of the reasons I believe Robert Frank's work was important.

Not only did he offer an insightful outsider's view of things we find both familiar and unfamiliar, but he had a huge archive from which he could pull and reference. He also dispelled a myth that I believed for a very long time: that a photographer has an almost preternatural gift to capture the "decisive moment." That a photographer can happen upon a scene, frame it up in their viewfinder, make the photo and walk away with a masterpiece. This is absolutely untrue. Robert Frank shot over 27,000 frames for The Americans. TWENTY SEVEN THOUSAND. The final book was an edit of just over 80 photographs. Yes, he was thoughtful and methodical in the way he worked, and yes he had a vision, but he also worked the scene and shot for the edit.

 I was lucky enough to see publisher Gerhard Steidl speak at UC Berkeley in 2017 about the importance of print, where dozens Frank's contact sheets were on display. He would shoot a scene at numerous angles, sometimes working a scene with an entire roll of film and sometimes more.
Frank's Books, Published by Steidl -

Pentax K1000 Video Review. The Film Camera You're Looking For.

Pentax K1000 Video Review. The Film Camera You're Looking For.

The Pentax K1000 was in production for 21 years. 21 YEARS! What made it so popular? Simplicity? Durability? Ease of use? All of the above?

The Pentax K1000 is very likely the 35mm film SLR camera you're looking for.

In this video I talk about the K1000, what makes it special, and also talk a little about one of my favorite photographers who is famously Pentax user: Glen E. Friedman.